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Feedback for tech logo

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by dcjim, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. dcjim

    dcjim New Member

    Hello kind folk

    Looking for feedback on some logo ideas. We're pretty inexperienced so on the one hand we hope we've got something great but on the other we're running out of time/budget so as long as it isn't obviously rubbish or naive or we haven't made some stupid mistakes then that's good too!

    It's for a blog initially but the project could expand to include an online shop for both third-party and bespoke items.

    The brief:

    Electronic or at least techincal (audio/musical/visual/computational)
    DIY/hardware hacking/making
    Dirty (meaning distorted, rough and ready or sleazy even

    Whilst the designs don't really convey "dirty" the word itself is stamped all over it!

    Anyhoo, feedback appreciated - hate it? why? love it! why? it's ok, you could improve it. how? - stuff along those lines


    // versions are "boxed", "unboxed", "colour treatment" and "elements balanced"


  2. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    I don't really get it. It looks like you sell garden tools. And never ever ever ever ever stretch type.
  3. dcjim

    dcjim New Member


    Well the spanner is meant to convey "DIY" or hacking ... but I do see the tools thing for sure. The spadey bits are edge connectors ... ho-hum ... not easy this bizniz is it? :)

    Although I would say I've been told "never be afraid to stretch type" ... but maybe it's a I say potato you say potato thing
  4. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    The tools thing - fair enough. WHoever told you that about type is wrong. It's not a potato thing. It's a wrong thing. Technically, typefaces are designed with stresses in them. If you stretch them, it buggers up the stresses and makes them look clumsy and ugly. And therefore, it marks out your design as amateur.
  5. dcjim

    dcjim New Member

    Ok cool, thanks, noted. Perhaps they meant within certain tolerances. But in this instance you'd say this design falls foul of a "stretched type" look?
  6. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    Have to agree about the stretched thing, wouldn't do it and I don't think it does this logo any favours.

    I also don't like the way the tools are - they also appear stretched and skewed in some way which makes them look distorted, it just doesn't seem right on my eyes.
  7. dcjim

    dcjim New Member

    They're not tools :) Which is obviously a big message in itself!

    They're in isometric view.
  8. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    Fair enough, in that case I don't like the isometric view then... I think it could work as a simple logo but I'd pull the text back in and maybe just have the icons sat up straight rather than at the different angle.

    Simple can be good and I think it would work better for what you have currently.
  9. dcjim

    dcjim New Member

    thanks guys

    i find the whole process frustrating as we're impatient to get on with the project overall but utterly fascinating!

    and feedback is very helpful

    we've also just realised that it isn't actually isometric, something's got distorted along the way
  10. dcjim

    dcjim New Member

    Ok we were missing a scale in the isometric transformation as can be seen in the image below with the bottom one being correct ... not that there's much in it.


    From your feedback we need to re-think the font and it isn't saying "circuits" or "electronics" to people - it's saying garden tools ... which amused us a lot but wasn't quite what we were after :)

    We love simple though and retro, retro is very much part of the brief. We like lots of these for example

    Retro Logo Goodness - a set on Flickr
  11. dcjim

    dcjim New Member

    Ok! We've got to the stage where we just want something that doesn't suck! We need to move on. We like this. Ditched PCB appearance in favour of circuit symbol references. It's got a comic book inked feel of an earlier design that I didn't show and we've opted for the use of initials instead of the full text (we'll worry about that later). Various electronic motifs - insulation with the circle within a circle - the (dare I say it) nipples are a bit input/output and the whole thing could be a logic gate of some kind - also the black areas within the letters evoke PCB traces a little. It still doesn't scream dirty but overall we think it is enough of a bit of everything to work.

    So if there's any obvious mistakes that less experienced designers would miss then we'd be interested in hearing them. Thanks for all your help chaps!

  12. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    I'd say that this latest stage is a step backwards.
    Keep the edge connector concept - it has a more obvious 'circuit'ness and create the D and C from their shapes/form. Keep them flat (not skewed) and see where you get to.
  13. spottypenguin

    spottypenguin Active Member

    Sorry to be negative but I have to agree that is a backward step. Stick to the connectors and refine them; I'd also lose the skewing
  14. dcjim

    dcjim New Member

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