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Feedback for Formula 1 ESAD Project


Junior Member
I am designing and Electronic Service Access Device on Formula 1 and would like to get some feedback on what the market for the product is and what specific features that the target (who?) want. The sort of things i want to find out are:

How old are you?
How often would you use the product?
What features should the product have?
Properties of the device? Robust/Weatherproof/etc.?
Methods of Connectivity?
What info you want it to display?
Types of power source? Battery-rechargable?/Mains/Dock?etc.?
How you want to control the device? Buttons/Touch/Trackpad/etc.?
Sustainability issues? Recyclable/Reusable/Reprogrammable for other events/etc.?


Junior Member
I am 15 and male
I watch formula 1 but as i am often out when it is on the product would be very useful to me when i am on the move, out and about. I don't think that the product needs any specific properties because it wouldn' t be being used in any extreme climates, however it woulld be quite helpful if it was fairly robust but at the same time light.

I think that the product would be being used on the move so Wi-fi wouldnt be very useful and bluetooth wouldnt have a strong enough connection. 3G or blackberry OS would be good.
It would be good if it displayed qualifying times and other raceday information.
Personally i prefer to use a touch pad or touchscreen and would like it to be recharged by mains unless a dock came free with the product.