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Feedback/advice on new personal logo!!!

Hey everyone!
I am redesigning my personal logo and would really appreciate a bit of feedback on my most recent design. I have also uploaded a different attempt in an earlier thread so if you have the time or inclination, it would be great to see which one you prefer!
Thanks in advance,

I have had problems uploading the logo so you can find it here: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-...AAAA4/w1lHGm0I9NI/s512-Ic42/my%2520logo_6.png


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Yes, lose the shadow certainly. In fact, I'm not sure why you have that break there, it's as if it reads IAM. The A seems to dominate the M as well.

Paul Murray

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I'd do something like this;


Lose the shadow and 'designer' (it's too small anyway) and the bar in the A, and have the M form the bar instead. I think this is cleaner, and you also have now a pencil tip in the negative space (though it's not exactly an original idea, I'm sure I've seen that device plenty of times before).


I'd also second Ian's idea to reconsider the break in the A. You could get away with not having it, but I'd need to see a version without before I come to that conclusion.
Quick research - A/M logo found on Google:

Perhaps carry out further research Archie. Type 'm typography' in Google.

Could you somehow incorporate the "A" inside one of the gaps in "M", so the "A" helps form the letter "M".
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