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Feed back


Senior Member
Hey Paul,

I like your work, but have you thought about putting some kind of Lightbox effect on your pages when the previews are clicked? Would mean that we wouldn't have to press the back button every time you want to go back to the work :)

Here's a link to Lightbox

I'd personally get rid of the Times New Roman and move all the text to the top; when you first take a look on a 1024x768 screen, you don't see the text at all. (that should probably be text as well, not just an image, for accessibility reasons I'm guessing.

I'm sure Harry will pick up on the coding of the site :)

Hope this helps


Junior Member
Hi Tim,

thanks. I will look as adding lightbox. Nice way of doing it. Code, dont make me use my brain (what could go wrong?) as the IT department would say...



Senior Member
Well, at the moment screen-readers (for blind/partially sighted people) cannot view your site at all... it's not accessible.

As it's not accessible, you're not sticking to the necessary laws/guidelines and are open for someone to take you to court.

Bad coding also means that Google won't be able to skim your site to see if it's relevant to searches... therefore meaning that you can't be listed that well at all.

HTH (sorry if this is all over the place, i'm not feeling too great today).

Here's a bit more on accessibility.

This is why having clean mark-up makes a difference.


Active Member
Hi Paul, some nice work in there, but the site design is fairly poor.
I see the work ( ....if i can know to click on the graphics). The work is displayed in a mish mash of sizes and shapes. There is no info on you. it's just a selection of poorly presented work.
It fails at the first hurdle as it is a poor piece of communication.
If you are are technical illustrator then don't try and be a web designer. Find someone who can add value to your work by showcasing your talents to the commercial field more effectively.
True it's a website (...ish) but its a naff one ( albiet, with some decent content on it).
Make a business decision to invest in your talent by finding the talent to make you shine.
Don't meddle or play with showcasing your work, even if it's for cost. You are what you wear. Invest in someones web skills and you will thrive.