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Fantasy FIlm Poster... help!

I need to produce a very sparkly 'light swoosh' similar to the one in this film poster. I'm having real trouble sourcing anything to get me started. Ideally i need to be able to direct the 'swoosh' around objects and characters on my illustration.


I'm guessing this is a combination of brushes, lighting effects and overlayed textures but can anyone help out on tips to achieve this? Also, is a standard name this sort of thing goes under in stock libraries?



I would use a load of brushes in either Illustrator or Photoshop to create the whoosh effect make them golden and give them an inner and outer glow and then do some blurring and add some stars or shapes of that nature :)
Yup, I would use Photoshop brushes....I make 'em up and call 'em 'chings'. They work fine.

I can help you out if you need any. Just send me a PM.


Senior Member
draw a guide line first then build it up with photoshop brushes, blurring, outer glows and possilby (dare I say this) lense flares