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Facelift for My Site - ForTheLose.org


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Hey guys.

About 5 days ago or so I released a new Wordpress theme for my site ForTheLose.org. I mst admit, I think I've finally settled on a design I made that I like (this is V5, lol).

I tried to pay attention to white space and just a clean, non-cluttered look.

Critique away!


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Hey Ralph,

I really like the site, nice use of subtle textures/gradients, easy to read and follow, one small suggestion I would have is to make the banner images you have for each post the full width of that area, I know you have them centered with the titles above, but just feel it would bring it all together a bit more. Other than that great job & looks like you have some decent content on there too.

I could've sworn I've seen your site before, but I'm pretty sure if I had I'd have remembered it. I love it. ;D

Just a few quibbles:

  • the header area (although lovely) seems kind of flat. I think I'd like it better if the grey was darker and there was some sort of texture on the brown (but that part's really more personal taste).
  • also, the text in the speechbubble—kind of hard to read, and it might look better if you chose: a slab serif, or a font with a higher x-height, or something bolder and clearer.
  • I was kind of disappointed, too, that the blue words in the speechbubble weren't links, because they look like they're intended to be clicked on.
  • I have to agree with Greg that the post banners should be as wide as the post headers. It's a great idea, though. All the post banners look quite nice—I was hoping one of them would lead to a tutorial on how to make them. ^^
  • the Categories/Popular Posts/Stats tabs look a bit off translucent like that. I think having them a partly opaque white would look better, because otherwise the tab labels are just kind of floating around on the background.
Your site reminds me that I really have to figure out Flash.


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Thanks guys for the comments and suggestions. I took your idea of making the text in the speech bubble real text and fixing the font. Much better now, thanks. Better for SEO too.


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That speech bubble looks much neater now Ralph, nice job :)

Just a passing thought I had, to make the header graphic a bit more relevant you could try changing the paint/colour splashes on the right to the Flash and Wordpress logos stamped onto the brown background, almost like a leather indent of the logos in this sort of style...

Just a quick idea really! It might not look as good as I imagine in reality! lol


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Hey, I actually liked that idea and kinda modified it a bit. Nothing big at all, but it kinda gives a purpose to the splats now. Except for that green and yellow one, I have no idea what to do with them.