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Facebook PPC Advertising


Junior Member

I'm just wondering whether to experiment with Facebook PPC advertising at work to target specific age ranges and locations etc and was wondering how everyones experiences have been with it? I've had mixed results with Google Adwords in the past and just thought it might be a different avenue to explore for a month or so.

So what's your thoughts on it......



Senior Member
I used it once with a previous non-design business and was very impressed with how targeted your campaign could be but it didn't yield any business. Could be a different story with design but I found allot of people clicked the links simply out of curiosity.
My experience has been that Facebook doesn't get as many clicks as Adwords. With Adwords, you're targeting people who are already searching for whatever it is you (or your client) is offering. And Facebook advertising is not super effective in business-to-business advertising.

I don't think there's any reason not to use Facebook advertising because you won't get charged for impressions. So just run the campaign. If you start getting irrelevant traffic, just cut your budget or cancel the campaign.