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Facebook Portfolio App Design Critique


Junior Member
I've created a facebook portfolio application. This app generates a portfolio tab within your facebook page / fanpage. All you have to do to use it is simply click the install button, choose one of your facebook pages and select an album to genderate the portfolio. You also can define contact information and write a short about text, it will appear within an overlay when one of the vistors clicks the contact button.

Feel free to tell me how you feel about the design and the idea.

Link to the Application:
Portfolio Builder on Facebook | Facebook

Portfolio Demo:
Portfolio Builder Community - Portfolio | Facebook


Interesting idea, the layout is pretty good, I like the grid for all the images and the modal window for the contact information.

However the design doesn't feel that up to scratch for me at the moment. There's just a couple of things bugging me such as, why do all the portfolio items have a gradient border? I think removing that would make it feel more clean, maybe throw in a couple of pixels as a margin around each of the images would make it feel better. I think you're trying to make it a drop shadow, like in the 3rd screenshot I think you should just remove it. Bring the 'album' box to the full width of the left column and a future consideration may be to include a contact form within the contact modal window. Just to make it easier for visitors to send a message without having to open up their email client etc..

I hope some of the points I've posted have made sense and can help you, good luck!