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Facebook Logo & Timeline Design


New Member
Hi, I just recently got photoshop back, so I designed a timeline for a FB page, as well as a logo as my first pieces, I used to dabble with it about 4/5 years ago so I'm just getting back to grips with it

Looking for some feedback? Thanks much appreciated




Well-Known Member
Ah I see. I thought somehow it was a design for the actual timeline wall that scrolls down. I see it now. What's it meant to be?


New Member
It's not meant to be anything, just something to get peoples attention. Not quite finished yet but just thought I'd post now to receive a bit of feedback

Not exactly sure what to comment with as you have said its not meant to be anything. Is it to advertise your GFX designs?
Have you created the image from scratch or simply added the dots and text over the top? I like the image of the night sky without what has been added.

As a logo it doesn't say much about what you are or do, and don't think it will work across all formats of corporate stationery, branding etc...