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Exhibition Stand

Hi guys,

I'm putting some costs together for a client for an exhibition stand they require for an event next year. They want costs for creating the artwork and also costs for the exhibition design and build.

Does anyone use or know anybody who does this sort of thing. I want to work directly rather than go through another company.

If anyone can advise please let me know.

Hi Tom,

I just need an idea of how much a stand would cost.

2 breakdowns in cost. One for the actual design to go on the stand. Then the cost of the stand layout and build and whatever other costings are involved.

It's a 30 square metre stand - so any rough costings you can give would be great. I'd be happy to use you if you have experience in this field.


Tom Sound

Active Member
Hi Steve,

PM me the best number to get you on, I've got a meeting first thing but I'll call you when I get to the office afterwards to get some more details if that's convenient,