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Estimated Web Traffic


Senior Member
A client of ours has just asked if we can tell him how many hits his website has had during 2010. He doesnt have google analytics setup so is there any way of checking (or estimating) using software on the net?


Staff member
the host might have something in the control panel..

I know my cpanel has basic info but I've got google analytics installed too


Senior Member
thanks levi, ive just installed google analytics so we can keep track from now on but I cant seem to find anything to help me on the year gone by. I did use a free tool on the net that estimated it but I think it was waaaay out! nevermind! thanks for your reply!


Active Member
As Levi says if they host with a company/server that uses cPanel then they will most probably have access to Webalizer stats, similar concept to Google Analytics, just server side and a bit less user friendly. Where/who do they host it with?


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Worst case, take the months worth of data and x12 and add +-5% difference per month, will at least give you an idea of metrics for a baseline :)

PS. make sure the company doesn't make any business decisions on the advice above :)