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Erasing In Illustrator

Hi Guys,

I have started to use Illustrator to complete a logo and am struggling to perform a certain task.

I have a shape which is actually a font. The shape is of an arrow and i just wondered if there is anyway i can delete area's of the arrow as it is circular. I have found that Illustrator is not like photoshop where you just run a eraser tool over it so how do I do this? Any help would be great, thanks guys.


Senior Member
If the shape you are trying to amend is a font, the first thing you'd need to it is this:
Select it, Click Text > Create Outlines.
This should change it from a font character to a vector shape, which means you can now mess around with it using the anchor points.

If you want to take specific shapes out of it (eg a round shape like a basic eraser brush) create the circle shape using the shape tool, overlay it with the other vector, select them both and click merge in the pathfinder menu.

Hope that helps, if not re-post and I'll have another go.