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Environmental logo manga style.

Hi Designers

I am starting up a new company and looking to design a logo basically a house with a solar panel and a workman either fitting or looking proudly like he's just fitted the panel.

Needs to be very simple as will be a logo . I want manga style / designersrepublic. Needs to be less cute than standard manga though a bit of an edge and avoiding the sickly sweet thing.

Am willing to pay but have no clue what to offer so anyone interested PM me.

If I like the work may be future add ons for the website.

I have a basic design for the to work off.

Hope this post is OK as I am new to the forums.



Staff member
Can you give us a better idea of the style of manga you're thinking of as there are quite a few different styles especially considering you're wanting a more edgy style. Maybe a name or two of ones which you like the style of if you can.


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Typo said:
Might be a good one for JimLad?
Off the top of my head I was thinking of Keith (Krey20) and Ralph (ralphaunders), there are others obviously, but it does depend on the style of the manga.


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I am definitely interested in this! Levi's right though there are a lot of manga styles and artists, it all depends on what works well with designersrepublic... I have a few ideas, I'll send you a PM Dan47.