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Dear All,

Just wondering if anyone has some suggestions on sustainablity in graphic design. I need to identify how Graphic Design can help the environment, and stuggling to come up with some examples.

Here is what I have done already:


How can I use less of the materials?

- Limited printing as printers uses masses of energy and chemicals
- Minimse colour and ink schemes
- Limit use of paper


How can I reuse the materials used?

- Reuse relevant materials


Can the materials used be recycled?

- make sure that the materials used are recycable materials
- recycle all applications at the end of the product life cycle
- recycle ink cartrages and packaging
- use recycable materials e.g. paper

Any suggestions will be useful.
There's also aspects relating to computers: energy efficient and recyclable computers and monitors; sleep mode; switching off at night.
Or are these unrelated?
No, your suggestions are very helpful :) Didn't think about the ‘computer’ aspect relating to graphic design.

Thank you very much.