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End of year shows

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by Katedesign, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Have you been going to the end of year/degree shows at universities/colleges around the country? Does anyone have any highlights they would like to share?

    I confess that I found the Fashion and Textiles exhibition at my local uni was superb and imho beat the graphics into a cocked hat...particularly the textile/wallpaper designs!
  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    We just had our end of year show, and we have a travelling one in Manchester next Thursday and Friday that I'm partly in charge of organising. If anyone's in Manchester on the 27th/28th, pop in.

    I haven't been able to get to any others, but Reading Uni have a Masters in Book Design exhibition I really wish I could get down to see.
  3. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your show. I wish I could get to see more of the shows locally but they always seem to miss a trick and don't get them publicised* (local news). I wandered round on my own on a dismal Saturday. We also have a book design MA show - will have to check that out also...
    *Try and get the local paper interested - they are often on the look out for news (probably even i Manchester!)
  4. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I'm emailing loads of Manchester events websites and stuff too. There's so much to do I'm struggling for time. I'm running around tomorrow buying stuff for the invites, getting things laser engraved, tweeting, emailing, plus I need to re-do our website before the end of the week. It better be worth it :p

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