Employer opinion: natural ability Vs qualifications?


Just interested in your opinions on this.

So, one of my good friends studied fine art at Uni at the same time I did GD. Her final grade wasn't great due to struggling with her mental health through the year.

She is really talented and has this natural creative ability but she's never applies for jobs because she's embarrassed about her grade and thinks it's pointless.

We once had a professional Graphic Designer visit one of my classes and he said that he prefers natural creativity in a person (because that's something that can't be taught; you either have it or you don't) rather than paper degrees and diplomas.

Just wondered what your thoughts on this were?

I feel really bad for her and I'd like her to see something reassuring from people in the business.

Thanks in advance :)


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You don't have to put in your grade when applying for jobs.

Portfolio speaks volumes - concentrate on that.
I'd rather take on a creative portfolio vs someone with good grades.

I went to college for design, and sadly, most of the class I was in cheated on their final exam.
I didn't and I think having unique answers was what got me graded highest in the class.
The cheaters all got the minimum pass - as all their answers were copied verbatim.
I've advised her to spend time working on a portfolio to make it amazing and show case her ability, then her final grade won't matter anyway.

We didn't have final exams, it was all course work and portfolios. I think she feels worse because I had quite a lot of work by the end of the year and she didn't; even though we did totally separate courses.

There was guy in her class that only had a single piece of work to submit at the end of the year, but he got quite a good grade for it. Just shows it can sometimes be about quality not quantity.