Embossed Logo box- Online suggestions?

I need to get a logo embossed on a simple plain white box. Something a bit like this...

I don't really have a time limit or a budget in mind so I'm willing to pay however much it costs!
Any suggestions for an online company that can sort me out or do something similar?
I just need a fancy box basically :D
Not the cheapest by a long shot I'm sure but progress packaging are the daddies at this stuff.

GF Smith also have a mock up service. Contact them.


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Second on GF Smith. They are amazing. Ask their local rep for a recommendation on a block foil printer and show him that as reference. They will more than likely have the answer.
Yes i'm familiar with GF Smith. I have been told that they only deal with larger companies/agencies. so I doubt they'd do a box for little old me.
i'll try anyway see what they say, and have look at progress packaging.
If cost isn't an issue GF Smith really should be able to help. The fact about them only dealing with larger companies and agencies is horse sh*t. They work with freelancers all the time. Like MrP says, if they can't help they will probably know someone who can.
My friend back in Uni ordered a bunch of paper samples under his name plus 'design' from GF. Then a week later a rep turned up early at our student house after a night out... Little bit awkward
How many are you looking to make? Like Mcskillz mentioned, if they can’t help you they should know someone who can. It never hurts to ask.