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Embedding Videos For Commercial Use

Hi Guys,

We've been taking a look into sites to host video content and embed them into our clients sites with an unbranded player. There seem to be a few solutions, some cheaper than others. I was wondering if anybody has some experience/ or links?

Thanks in advance,



Staff member
format of video's and have you considered using a browsers built in html5 video (ogg, webm, h264 mp4 etc) formats with a fallback to flash for older ones?
Vimeo is a good service but the T&Cs are vague re commercial use and what actually constitutes a commercial clip. People do get commercial vids pulled.

You shouldn't need to worry about file formats with a good video hosting service. Most decent services do the transcoding and deliver front-end player code using HTML5 video with fallback to a Flash player.
I've seen Vimeo and like its interface etc. but yeah, the T's and C's aren't that clear, and it's not something you can really sell into a client!

Thanks for the information though both of you.