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Hi guys,

I've designed a HTML email signature for my client. The client's logo is on the left, contact info on the right.

The signature displays fine across all email clients including iPhone – apart from on my client's iPhone in Inbox view.

In his iPhone Inbox view, beneath the subject line, the logo URL displays (where the logo is hosted on my server and where it links to).

I don't see this code on my iPhone Inbox preview, just the contact details.

I'm baffled by this. Any ideas on how I can stop the URL showing on my client's iPhone? I've uploaded a screenshot from my iPhone and my client's incase that helps.

Thanks in advance,


Paul Murray

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At this stage the email isn't displayed as as HTML and the preview is just loaded as text, hence why you're seeing the markup. I'm not sure why the client is displaying differently though, presumably different iOS versions or something. As a work around I'd try adding alt text to the image and see if it loads that instead. Failing that I'd change the mark-up so the image comes after the text but position it first via the inline CSS styles.