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Email design. CSS or no CSS?

Hi there.

I've always been taught to code up my html email newsletters using inline styles only. For instance, I'd code a piece of Arial, 10pt, black text as follows:

<span style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size: 10pt; color:#000000">HERE IS MY TEXT</span>

But these days, are there many email clients that can't handle font styles in the head section? Or is it just safer to use inline styles?

I was also under the impression that the <font> tag is now depreciated (hence the use of the <span> tag above). But I've recently found a client that can't view the correct font when I use span (and neither can their colleagues who test on different browsers). I got around this by styling the paragraph tag <p>, but this causes annoying line breaks when switching between font types and sizes.

Somebody put me straight!

Cheers, MN