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Hi All

I am new first of all so hello!

I am trying to design a 80s inspired logo for an arcade machine building sideline I am trying to get off the ground and I was looking around online for logo inspiration and came across the following image and I like the effect on the top line "arcade" text and for the life of me and I have spent hours looking I can't find a similar effect or a tutorial showing to create the effect. So far I have used a mixture / combination of search terms such as "80s text effects" "80s zoom text" "80s flying text" etc and nothing! So I am sure I am using the wrong search terms. So if anyone knows the technical / real name for this effect please could you let me know and even better if you know of a way to create it or a tutorial somewhere I would be over the moon.





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Not sure if there's a term as such when applied to text but in other mediums it's called an 'Infinity Effect'.