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Editing PDFs

Hi guys,

What's the best way to edit a 32 page PDF document. There are text changes and table changes on pretty much every page. I have the adobe suite including illustrator and indesign - though I don't think you can edit PDFs in indesign? Illustrator only lets me open one page at a time.

There must be an easier way??

any help is appreciated!


Tom Sound

Active Member
I think it depends how it's been saved, can you not edit it in Acrobat professional? That or try and get the source file, ie. the indesign doc or whatever it was done in.

btw got quite hypnotised by the underwater ink graphic on your site earlier :D


can you not get the original document? otherwise there aren't any quicker ways unfortunately :(


Staff member
Generally speaking its best to have the original source files (ie indesign or whatever) of the pdf's. PDF's aren't really editable so to speak.
thanks all for the prompt replies. I've requested the original artwork so fingers crossed on that. Will try also to see if I can edit it in Acrobat Pro - thanks :D
I have to agree with Levi here. It is best if you do have the original files to work with. I could be wrong on this but the reason why i say this is, if there is some copy that has been placed in a text box and you and you want to add more copy - more than can fit, i think you will find that the overflow text won't show. Good luck either way :D