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Editable PDF?


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

Our client wants us to design the School Prospectus but they want to be able to edit it on yearly basis (text, images and even tables content) as they plan to print in-house, so we design a nice looking, well laid out prospectus using a grid system and using fonts which are part of their guidelines, can we make it perhaps a PDF to preserve design etc that is editable?

How is it best done?

Hopefully that makes sense and if so if anyone has any suggestions?

Thanks guys.



Active Member
to edit pdf's they would need acrobat professional but it wouldn't really work well I don't think... suggest they buy indesign? - presuming that's what you use?
Adobe software (illustrator im sure of it) contain that proprieties when you make a PDF.. he always ask, if you got enable that option, if you want maintain editable PDF...something like that!


Staff member
The only way I can think of that might leave it editable by the client is to maybe use adobe livecycle (or whatever its called now :)) and make it into a kind of form. Not sure how well it would work in this context but to be honest it would probably be easier for them to just send the changes out and pay you a small fee to change.
ROFL... know i get it :D

i did that job 3 years ago... filling pages and pages of pdf documents with the editable fields. You can make it with Adobe professional... but i guess you will be able to edit text on it :S not sure if image or graphics can be done.