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Ecommerce coding PayPal buttons


Junior Member
I need a quote from someone with good e-commerce knowledge. I am using an off the shelf classified ad package to created a site, but want to add a cart button (possibly linked through to Paypal) for each sellers shop. I really need some idea of the cost before I go any further to see if this is going to be practical. :)


Active Member
Hi Bee,

I'm guessing the lack of replies so far is down to the lack of detail in your opening post, a few questions you may want to cover, which classified ad package is it? how far do you need it to integrate, is it simply PayPal buttons or does it need to return checkout data to a database and automate e-mails, etc? do you have a URL for the existing site? an example of another site doing what you would like to achieve? what's the budget for the work?

I'm sure there's many more questions to get a full spec, there's just a few off the top of my head to get you started! :)