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Eco Frog Media ----- Logo Designed By tallent clipper Member @ scotthill


Staff member
just a picture.... could you give us a little more information about it, the brief, why it was done etc, Would you like critiques or is this just 'showing your work'.

Sean Lee-Amies

Not sure on the bent section of the 'e' just above the tail, and not sure that "media" is going to be readable at smaller sizes; I think this needs a few tweaks personally but overall its a nice concept. I think I'd lose those green spots on the left too.

Let us know what you're looking for and maybe we can help you some more!


Senior Member
  • It’s inoffensive to the eye, which is good.
  • What is that split halfway up the arm?
  • I can see frog but I can’t see eco other than the green
  • Spruce up the curvature