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Eco - Coke



yeah its really great isn't it Mike :D I like the fact that you can stack more of them :) and that they crush down to save space when recycling them :D
That is actually brilliant. Love the innovative design, its eye-catching too so I'm sure will help with marketing. I know I am more likely to pick that up then a pepsi, just for the packaging, as its interesting.


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Really confused though, are they making it or not, as it seems from the title they are but the article states they aren't excited about the design.
Either way its an ace idea


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if you check out the comments on the guys work he gets really harshly criticised for not understanding the core principles of cokes brand and their famous bottle shape. seems like most people are just jealous of his talent. if he had done the same project for pepsi or 7up there would have been no room for moaning! theres a link to his blog on the comments site too, he has some nice stuff
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glenwheeler said:
I thought his stuff was amazing. It seems a lot of brands are changing for the better and there is no reason why cola wouldn't change theirs
I'm with you on this, it wouldnt be too hard to incorporate this style of packaging into their product base. If it was the size of a can (330ml) then there is no reason to complain!

EDIT: Also, times are changing, big ideas need to be put forward to effect change.