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eBay custom listing template


I have been given the brief to create an eBay custom listing template from a design comp. When given the brief I was told to use tables. I am used to designing pages with divs and css etc. I have looked around for information on this but all I get is offers to buy templates. I'm sure I will hit the right search term in the end to get the resources I require but if anyone has any advice on where to start I would be very grateful.

Can I use div's or do I have to use tables? Can I use an external css file and how does this work? Does anyone know of a good source of information for designers working in this particular area (custom eBay design)?

Many thanks in advance.


Tables are an outdated and largely redundant method of coding for websites. Their only real benefit is when (surprisingly) creating tables but then, there isn't much tables can do that divs can't even in this area. You should be able to find all this information out by using Google. Simply type divs vs tables and you will be presented with hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of discussions on the subject.

External CSS files... Google: How to use external CSS files

eBay template tutorials? Google: eBay template tutorials.

Seriously, if you're planning to learn as you go you absolutely, positively are required to learn how to use a search engine properly. It's not difficult and you could probably find some advice on this by googling: effective search engine use. Here's a tip, imagine that someone has written some content about the topic you're looking for - what kind of title do you reckon they're going to give it?
thanks for your reply.

I think you got the wrong idea. i am quite an accomplished front end designer when it comes to websites etc but have never had to deal with an ebay template. In the short discussion with the guy who gave me the work he mentioned that everyone uses tables for ebay as the site wont parse div's so you have to use tables. I wanted to know weather this was actually the case or not.

As for the css I can write css all day long (been getting into sass but that's another story) but how does it work for these templates? does css have to be included in the header of the document and not externally? Or if i can use an external stylesheet, how? do I upload it at the same time as the templateetc? I am just after some general pointers here.

as for search engines, I can use a search engine fine, but I thought that if I could get some specific answers to these questions or talk to someone who had actually written a template for eba it might save me some time.

Well since posting anyway I have finished the design (using tables), now I need to deploy it in his ebay shop.

What I really need is to have a chat with someone who has been through this entire process, so if that is you please get in touch.



Well apologies for that, however, I didn't find it particularly obvious that this was in fact the case. Unfortunately I haven't had any experience in creating ebay templates. I still believe the answers to your questions can be found pretty quickly via a search engine though. I imagine that the foundations (css and headers, how to use external style sheets, although I'm not sure why it would matter about the time of which you upload the files...) of the entire site are going to be covered fairly quickly.

Sorry I couldn't be of further help, I'm sure that someone on this forum will be able to give you more advice though.