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Easy way to do this?

Hey guys! I need some help..
I have had a few clients lately, and I really want to showcase my logos in a special way, like shown below.
I know how to transform it in Photoshop, and try to make it fit and look good with a few effects and layer styles. However, one of my friends said that he had seen someone use some sort of Illustrator effect to automatically perform this process inside of Illustrator without manually working with the transformation etc. Anything like that in Photoshop would work as well, or setting up some sort of preset would be amazing as well.
Does anyone know of this?
As a second question:
Does anyone know a good place or keyword to find this kind of kind of rough paper? Any white fabric with a kind of rough service would also work, but I have not been able to find any on the stock sites that I have searched. The perspective is important for me.