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East Side Logo


New Member
Hello friends, first time posting in design forums for critique. Let me have the raw emotions and criticism you have. This is for a Baptist Church who is re-branding and looking to drop the "Baptist Church" - hence just "East Side"
The concept behind these 3 ideas is to be friendly, Inviting, and a touch of corporate. The pastor does like a little bit of artsy-ness, but at the same time wants to keep it clean.
All ideas are B&W until we decide on a direction, each concept has left itself open for the use of 3-4 colors; the church made it very clear they do not want to be bound by a certain color, so this leaves the option to do a nice color scheme.
Would love to hear from some other seasoned designers out there :)



Tony Hardy

Much prefer the first sheet of ideas to anything else. I think they look really smart and lend themselves well to both the church and corporate themes.
How have they been received? :)
Personally I think the first one screams medical to me. A Christian cross should not have 4 equal sides on it.
Not really keen on the second one, it just feels a bit messy and half arsed (sorry).
The third one for me has the most potential, well the compass idea anyway. I would work on that and maybe look at being a little more abstract than just a compass symbol and some text.
Love the font choice (not the bold though).

Tony Hardy

The Simulator said:
Personally I think the first one screams medical to me. A Christian cross should not have 4 equal sides on it.
I didn't actually pick up on that. I think maybe with it being segmented and already knowing what it was for, I went in with preconceived thoughts. Now that's mentioned, I'd definitely look at extending the bottom segment down over! :)


I don't mind the first one, but I think tech company when I look at it, definitely not church/community organisation. The third one looks good, but again I don't think it fits the brief overly well. I start thinking of scouts or some other kind of exploration/kids club when I look at it. Also, I'm not massively confident that you'll have the colour freedom required by the brief with it either.
For me the winner is number 2. I think religious/community group when I see it and it comes across as friendly too, some logos are too stern/serious for their own good but this isn't one of them! I'm not massively keen on the font though, it definitely needs to be a bit thicker, but shouldn't come across as overly playful else you risk losing the good balance of formality that you've achieved so far. It would be good to see some other variations of this one too.


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Hey thanks everyone for the feedback, this critique stuff is great.
I agree that the first one does resemble more of a medical logo. I would like to play around with the top right version to make it a bit more "abstract" to lead it away from the doctor feel. Maybe like a cobblestone cross could be formed somehow....hmm
The second concept is definitely my favorite, bottom right. The font is too skinny like some of you have said, choosing types and colors will still be in the process later on. And this will absolutely be taken into consideration. I would like to work on this concept the most, I believe this one has the greatest potential.
The third does remind me more of a camping, outdoors brand. I had some thoughts about what to do with it, but I don't think this one will survive the cut. Unfortunate because this is my favorite looking one out of the batch. I will still tweak with it to see what may become with it....perhaps a cross, instead of points....who knows.
I did a dry run with my contact monday, overall he was really enjoying the vibe, especially the first concept, the top right version. I do a full presentation tomorrow. They are really trying to move away from the "churchy" feel, and go to a much more modern brand. We'll see how it all goes tomorrow. I just need to make sure this logo informs the viewer that this is a church when it is seen anywhere else other than the church itself.
Thanks again everyone, feel free to keep commenting after this post.
Hi, I think the first or third are the best. Perhaps add another tile to the bottom of the cross on the first? and maybe try the fonts from the others on the first?