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Early Stages

Hi Ross,

I've moved your thread to Feedback & Critique. Hope that's ok.

I like the colour scheme (but I'm a sucker for yellow and grey (is it yellow or more towards orange? I'm finding it hard to tell from the small image :))) Perhaps make it even more yellow ala this Household - designs places for people

I'd inject some more yellow into the design as well. It's a bit too grey at the moment imo. Perhaps make the bars behind your headings yellow as well?



Staff member
I've got to agree, the yellow/orange as it stands is in that 'wishy washy' stage where its neither here nor there and I think you need to take it more towards a colour too, personally I would go orange but having said that there's been a lot of orange and grey designs recently so maybe yellow might be the better option.

I'd also say add some more splashes of colour, there just doesn't seem enough at present. Maybe add a border to the lighter grey in the orange/yellow or change the header text to the colour.


Active Member
Agree, the colours don't zing of the pages.
Also the reltionship between text and image is unbalanced.
It is an art site, therefore show the work, don't procrastinate about it.
Good commercial design is about the balance and understanding between the written word and the imagery. A picture tells a thousand words.
Also hate AKA...... so trite!
It's going to be a stylish site for sure. But don't forget what it's there for... to showcase work, not bore you to death.