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Drawing up a contract


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We're soon meeting up with a potential client and they will probably be looking for an e-commerce site.

Our initial preference for that is FoxyCart, as it seems to do everything on their servers rather than ours and has a good user interface.

We've been in contact with them regarding liability and details on our server and they have rightly recommended we get a contract drawn up covering our backside should things go badly wrong.

I'm assuming some of you will have dealt with drawing up contracts and may do so on a regular basis so I thought I would ask here before moving further afield with my questions.

My general questions are:
  • Would you recommend going to a professional to get a contract drawn up?
  • Can you recommend anyone? (Would need to be South East area)
  • What sort of price should we expect?
  • Any other tips and recommendations always welcome.



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you can write one yourself. google for samples online or if you got spare cash to give away then hire somebody who would do exactly the same thing you could have done yourself.


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Hey Fred,

You can by all means write one up yourself, and there is plenty of resources and templates to guide you through the process however!!!!! and this is the important thing! once you done writing up your contract get a solicitor to read through the contract and make sure its legally water tight! its worth the ££ just for peace of mind.


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That sounds good to me. Definitely need to make sure it's sound with a professional, shouldn't cost more than £100 for someone to check over it, probably less.

Cheers lads.