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Draft logo for Fireplace Business

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by lolage, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. lolage

    lolage Member

    Hi, drafted up a few logo's for my grandads business.

    Any opinions? Feedback appriciated! Thanks :)

  2. lolage

    lolage Member

    Updated, come up with a few more ideas - thanks for your feedback. :)

  3. Dan_masoomi

    Dan_masoomi Member

    hello mate some feed back for you,

    text - try using the same font for both words, one in bold and the other thin or what ever option there is or maybe a diff shade of red,

    i wouldn't use the flame above the I and use the 3 flame design together it looks messy and crowded, it also makes the I look like a candle, if thats what you was going for fair enough.

    always use a quality font when branding a company, its very important, or create outlines on the text and play around with it youself make it unique, the text represents the company, you need to do a much better search to find the perfect font for fireplace studio

    also the 3 flame logo, maybe add a circle to it to tidy it up, it just looks thrown together and doesn't really have a need to be there.

    sorry to be very critical just offering my help
  4. lolage

    lolage Member

    Don't apologise for being critical - its what I need.

    Thanks for your feedback, I'll have another go. :)
  5. litmusbranding

    litmusbranding Junior Member

    Nice work but you could use Studio 'S' like this.


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