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Doodle research


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I am doing some research for my Uni assignment based on Doodling for creativity and how Doodling is a way opening up the thought process.

What I am asking if anyone has doodles they would like to share and your thoughts on them?

Some research I have done so far shows that doodling helps you to learn and digest information better. Like when you are on the phone for instance scribbling away.

I want to try and get some evidence and some proof so if any of you would like to share that would be great.

I read an article recently on how doodling helps you listen. I doodle constantly. If I get some extra time here soon I'll make some scans. Could be a fun thread, research project aside.
As an artist I have to say that some of my most creative work has come from a doodle, the doodle itself being the finished piece. I always find that with a doodle you end up pushing the boundaries a bit more, doing things you would never normally do. Attached is a doodle I once did, starting off as a portrait from my imagination and exaggerating the hair into a new part of it.


It's strange I always tend to doodle eyes then create something from it, that's how my doodle above started. I think a lot of people a drawn towards doodling certain things, I know a lot of people who like drawing eyes, personally I like the mystery behind them


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I also doodle eyes and work around them, suppose its the focal point that we are all draw too so makes sense. squares, clouds and spirals make an appearance in my doodles and usually end up with chaos on a page. nice Doodle by the way Ben : )

James I was reading an article too also a video was posted on TED about the effect it has on the benefits of learning.


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I find that doodles I've done while on the phone have been some of my most weird and detailed work! Also, doodling can be like walking, creatively. You keep walking and walking, and eventually you arrive at a destination.
Here are a few things from one of my books:

This was done in a meeting that I really didn't want to be at, figured I'd use the time to practice typeography type stuff.

This was done in class, I had just bought a couple nice felt pens at the school store and was testing them out. I later turned this into a full digital drawing.

This was done at home while I was waiting for OSX to load up on my new HDD after a crash.
I was trying to tap into the naive side of things. It's hard to forget what you've learned, but great when you can purposely go back. Don't lknow if I quite pulled it off.


I'm also in the "doodle eyes" camp! I don't know why it's always the first thing I doodle, but my notebook from uni last year was full of eyes on the corners of pages! I will have a look through my books over the weekend and get some scans put together :)

I definitely have a thing for eyes though - drawing them I mean - so for me I think it's a way of drawing them in different styles and trying to develop my eye drawing skills.


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JamesBrentwood said:
I read an article recently on how doodling helps you listen. I doodle constantly. If I get some extra time here soon I'll make some scans. Could be a fun thread, research project aside.
Lol I can't tell if your being sarcastic or if your actually being serious? How can doodling honestly help you listen? :L It could help you listen if your doodling about what your listening to.:confused:
Nah, I was being serious, there has been actual research done on the subject.
Doodling while listening can help with remembering details, rather than implying that the mind is wandering as is the common perception. According to a study published today in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, subjects given a doodling task while listening to a dull phone message had a 29% improved recall compared to their non-doodling counterparts.
This wasn't what I read, but still says the same thing.

Personally, being such a visual person, I couldn't take decent notes in class. I read and write too slow for it haha, but I learned just fine while doodling, writing very few words.


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I don't tend to keep my doodles. I did for a while... then threw out 3 bin-bags worth! So now I just chuck-em, unless I deem them worth scanning, but they often aren't the really doodley ones. I tend to doodle a lot of heads, for some reason. Always looking to the left. It took a while for me to realise that I probably do that because I start at the eyes and work to the right, being right-handed.

Ah, I found some old doodles I did on some Post-It notes about a year ago...