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Domain Registration


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Who does everyone use for domain registration?

I tend to use GoDaddy for .com, .net or .org
and for .co.uk I tend to use 123-Reg, although I've read a few bad things about them I've always found them very good, including support, maybe I've just been lucky!


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peekaboo said:
I find UKreg to be very good!!
I see they're related to FastHosts, the name that brings me out in cold sweats! Had some major problems with them on a recent client site! Saying that I've heard similar stories with 123-Reg hosting, it seems the larger companies can't do both domain registration and hosting to a good standard!


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Actually i understand what your saying regarding the hosting, its pretty bad, but with UK Reg, I really can't fault it, and its pretty much automated on that side of things anyway.



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What are they like for support and speed of actual registration Tom?
I think GoDaddy isn't much more than that, about £4.50 last time I used them

EDIT- In fact looking at their site, it looks like they're a reseller of GoDaddy anyway! So its probably all going through GD, and same control panel, etc.
I have had hosting with GoDaddy, its fine for mass hosting, crap for speed and trying to navigate around their website is even worse!

I've bought 4 domains in the past 4 weeks with orderyourname, all through paypal, all instant and very easy to change nameservers/DNS settings. Only took a few hours to get it on different nameservers and IP which I was impressed with.

if you're hosting is on GoDaddy and you buy a domain on orderyourname then you have to change the nameservers and IP. They are both on the same nameservers so you need an exact IP to point to the correct server otherwise it wont link to oyur hosting properly I found out!

Not had to use customer support with orderyourname so can't comment, could be useless, but Ive had no need to even use them as of yet!

123-reg are good with customer service but for the price I prefer orderyourname.


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I've always avoided hosting my sites through the domain registrar, always heard bad stories about doing that and as mentioned earlier in the thread they tend to suck at doing both!

Good to hear you've had good experiences from this other company, it may be that they run their own hosting and just have a reseller type setup with GoDaddy for the domain name regstrations :)


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I have used Godaddy and Moniker, although Godaddy seems to be getting more expensive. Moniker appears fairly inexpensive and their privacy services seem to be quite cheap.

Godaddy's site is just so bloated and slow for me.


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Hi Mark,

Welcome to Design Forums :)

Mark said:
Godaddy's site is just so bloated and slow for me.
The GoDaddy site does seem to be slower since they had their recent "re-design", and the advertisements for additional add-ons/services can be annoying, I think I've used them so much I just don't noticed them anymore and know where to click to make it as quick and painless as possible!

I'll check out Moniker next time I need to pick up a .com



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Thanks Greg, nice to be here. :)

Yes it's irritating, when you just want to buy a domain and there's all this cross selling going on!


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i've chosen pickaweb for my hosting, although not the best hosting package in the world, pretty decent support etc. Go daddy tried to screw me over when I was purchasing.


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GoDaddy is my primary source of domains. I haven't experienced many bone-breaking experiences with them...Yet.

Then again, I don't have any major websites used by people all over the world...Just a few small, little websites for my entertainment. ^^ That may have something to do with my luck.
I use UK Reg and have had no problems what so ever, I find it useful to have all the domain registrations in one place.

I also use Zone Edit in conjunction with UK Reg.
I'm a Namesco person... They're not the cheapest domains - but I use their designer hosting package which I love to bits, and with that I do get discounted domains from whats listed on their website.