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Domain name swap or for sale...

I wasn't sure of where to post this, but this seemed the best place, feel free to move if need-be.

GraphicAndWeb.co.uk & GraphicAndWeb.com

I had registered the above two domains a while back, and they both run on until October and September respectively, I don't want to just have them site there not being used, as I think they are too good a domain's to waste. However I would like to get a new domain name, which is a .co.uk , which can be registered with 123-reg.co.uk for £5.98 + VAT, working out at £6.88.

So what I am offering is if any of you guys would like BOTH the above, and all I ask is that the cost of my new .co.uk is meet.

The reason I am doing this is that the "andweb" bit would lend itself more to a designer who is offering the web design service more than myself.

Let me know what you think guys, or if you forsee any problems in doing this.