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domain name suggestions?

Hi forum, was wondering if you wonderful people could help me put together a 'brand' / 'label' for my personal portfolio :)

unfortunately www.'myname'.com is taken :(

The aim of the website is just to show off my work and projects to employers. Something to add to my CV. I didn't want to use www.'myname'design.com as that's not really what I'm about. My degree was in 'Multimedia and Digital Entertainment' which is everything from web coding and design to video special effects.

Multimedia is such a long and ugly word unlike design which just rolls off the tip of your tongue. I was also thinking 'Media' but then that sounds like a news sort of thing.

anyone got any ideas?

Also for some reason, I don't seem to like the use of hyphens in a url. Is it just me?
nor do I want to use a .co.uk, would much prefer a .com. Just looks neater doesn't it?

If anything pops into your head, please write it down, anything at all. I'm open to all suggestions. :)

thanks for your time,


Staff member
domains will be purchased in the hope you will pay more to buy it from them - it's annoying as hell but quite common