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Doing this shape in Illustrator



you could redraw it through the illustrator pen tool :) that would be the easiest way to do it :D

I will see if I can find a tutorial for you :)
that is a font, i forget what it's called, but i got it from urbanfonts.com ... but as far as recreating it, it's pretty simple, draw a circle in illustrator and a square and align the two to the right and bottom... then use the pathfinder tool to add them together... then increase the size of the stroke weight, and make the main colour transparent... finally go to object>path>outline stroke


Senior Member
Yeah danube. And it's a piece of piss to recreate. You can get it quicker and more accurate using shapes rather than the pen:

Draw a circle, then draw a square over the bottom quarter of the circle, hit 'Add' in the Pathfinder palette: