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Does this handwriting font look like the letter Z?


New Member
Hi there,

I found a font that I really love, but a couple of people have told me the capital Z looks more like an L.

What do you guys think? And what can I do to make it look more like a Z? Maybe extend the top swirl? I find most of the script style fonts look similar, or the Z looks like the number 3 with a line through the middle which I'm not a fan of.

I want to use this particular font in my personal logo.




Well-Known Member
No way that's a Z. It needs to come to a point at bottom left, not a swirl. The top needs to be thicker
and longer too. If it's for your personal logo, shouldn't you try and draw it yourself? Get the pencils out!


New Member
Thanks for your replies.

True, I could have used my graphics tablet to do my own. However I decided not to go with a script font in the end. :)