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Does social media link on websites work and what does it cost

Discussion in 'SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing Forum:' started by overworked developer, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. One of my clients has asked me to add logos and links for FaceBook and Twitter to her website. I cannot to see any advantage in doing this except that her Facebook and Twitter accounts might then provide one external link each for SEO. If someone on the forum can explain any advantage that might result from the Facebook and Twitter links, I will change my mind and add the links to her website. I have no need for these fads as I am extremely busy and and can do without extra chores. I know the purpose of SMs is to trawl for personal details and preferences for sale to advertisers, other than that I am completely ignorant concerning Facebook and Twitter (as you probaly guessed). I discovered that websites can advertise themselves on Facebook but the cost is not disclosed by Facebook. Your advice would be most welcome.
  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Linking to your client's Facebook and Twitter pages enables them to interact with customers or whoever. They can share deals, news, competition, etc, and also allows them to increase their brand exposure. For example, on Facebook, they can offer deals or competitions that require people to first like their page, then asks them to share the competition to their friends to enter the draw. Apple are running one of these at the moment, where you have the chance to win one of 82 brand new but unsealed iPod minis. So far they have just shy of 30,000 shares. That's a lot of people who will be helping to give Apple more brand exposure (not that they need it).

    Also, they just provide an easy way for people to keep updated about what your client is up to. I often follow on FB or Twitter just to stay updated on what that particular person or brand is doing.
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  3. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    There are loads of good reasons to run Social Media activity alongside a traditional website. For example, one of our clients makes cakes (and she is astoundingly good mind you) and gets some of her business from her website and some through her regular Facebook activities. In her case it allows her past clients to easily recommend her to their friends and family without them having to go off and hunt down her website again. People really appreciate that.

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Might have to try these!:thumb:
  5. DigitalYak

    DigitalYak Member

  6. rehan12

    rehan12 New Member

    its all about to promote the branding and also to drive some quality visitors to engage about the services.
  7. venusbrown

    venusbrown New Member

    Would like to ask one things here:
    Which platform are you using these days for Branding?

    Having social media presence is the need of hour. There are few of my clients who want to see the non-professional side of my business and people. Some of the new prospects take a trip to our social profiles before making any decision. So would suggest you to provide an easier way for them to find you.
  8. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    To be blunt, just from that comment I'd say she needs someone else to look after her site. When it get's to the point that a developer is overworked and reacts negatively to requests for changes or even just feels negative about it I'd say it may be time to part company.
  9. Asher ross

    Asher ross New Member

    Hi, Social media is really good you just have to follow people related to niche of your webiste and you should find traffic related to niche. It take stime to build social networks related to your product and services but it will help you to get good exposure online.
  10. Thank you for all your replies, but we am not in the least convinced.
    However, we include a clause in our terms and conditions that states that we will add Facebook and Twitter links to a clients page(s) on condition that they accept full responsibility for the Facebook and Twitter content and feedback. We also state that they will be entirely responsible for producing and maintaining the social media pages.
    We also warn them that they may experience increased spam.
    As for feedback, all of our sites have a feed-back form with a PHP form handler-which is secure and results in no spam.
    If a client wants their email address on the site we provide this as an image with an encrypted link.
    Social media is a chicken and egg situation, to see a Facebook link the visitor must first view the Website.
    From that link, we do see the merit of social media where people might view the Fb or Tw account and then click a Like button.
    However, a YouTube video is a much more powerful option if is an intriguing, especially a funny one.
    This spreads the words via phone, email Fb and Tw. We use this technique quite a lot.
    Our sites are fully optimised for search engines and have excellent positions, usually on the first or second page of results.

    Many thanks again for your thoughtful feedback.
  11. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    I'm really shocked by your stance on Facebook/Twitter/Social Media in general!

    Who are you to say that a video is better than something else? Maybe it doesn't work for them? Maybe they can't get a video shot, create scripts, direct, hire actors, animators or other things?

    I, for one, hate youtube videos, I can't stand them. I'd prefer to connect with facebook

    No matter what your view is on these things it's not relevant. If the client wants it on their site then put it on their site! You're not in charge of the project, but they are paying to do a job, so just do your job!

    And your clauses around putting social media links are absurd and outdated.

    People embrace social media. If they want anything from Vine to Bebo, or youtube to myspace - who are you say what's right or wrong?

    The customer is always right, put it on the site and put your concerns in writing and be done with it.
  12. hankscorpio
    Your rant was not helpful. Your pet hates and prejudices are of no concern to us.
    We do put FB and TW on clients websites when they request them.
    Who are we to say that video is best? We speak from experience. Most of our clients have video cameras and phones that take videos.
    Our views on FB and Tw are very relevant because we have reputation for quality and security to maintain.
    As this thread is becoming abusive rather than helpful we will not be reading any further replies
  13. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Not necessarily. Facebook is a marketing platform nowadays, and it enabled brands to target ads and content specifically to their chosen demographic. I've seen plenty of content from brands I'd never even heard or whose site I'd never visited of until their ad or 'sponsored content' popped up in my feed. I may not care for an article on which jeans to wear with a blue shirt, but if a brand is having a sale on jeans and/or blue shirts then I might like to see that content in my feed, even if I have never heard of that brand before or 'Liked' their page.

    Facebook isn't right for every business or brand, just like Twitter isn't, but if your target audience is there (i.e. if you're B2C) then so should you be. Many brands now use Twitter to handle their PR and reply to complaints from consumers swiftly. I wouldn't take the time to write an angry email or letter to someone at head office if I'd received bad customer service, I'd just take to Twitter and tell everyone about how bad my experience was with X brand because I know anything about that brand is being monitored by them themselves. Guaranteed someone from X brand will be in touch within 10 minutes trying to resolve the situation. If they didn't, who knows what reputation I could give them?

    We live in a time where we are free to publicly voice our opinions, no matter how mundane or pointless they may seem, but often these opinions have weight and brands are scared of the negative publicity one tiny tweet could bring. Someone on another forum even suggested you can use it Twitter to poach disgruntled customers of your competitors;

    Original post here - Post a Twitter Marketing Tip | UK Business Forums

    My hard and fast rule for businesses is: if your target market is using the platform AND you are able to put the time into using it effectively, then do so. If not, don't bother and spend your efforts marketing elsewhere.
  14. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    I actually had a really good reply but I just got angrier and angrier so I went with a rant.

    As you noted people are advising you, not abusing you, that your stance on social media is unjustified.

    And now because everyone disagrees with you you won't respond to replies anymore?

    I rest my case.
  15. Many thanks to Paul Murray for pointing out that the real value is in the feeds from Facebook.
    This we will investigate further.

    What we are searching for is statistical evidence that a Facebook link on a website has increased traffic.
    Faced with positive evidence we will obviously change our stance.

    Meanwhile we will continue to add FB and Tw links to our sites when requested, but the maintenance of those social media will remain the responsibility of the client.
    hankscorpio, you say
    , well I also visit another thread where everyone agrees with our stance.
    At the moment it is 50/50 for and against.

    Being curious I did respond to this thread, couldn't resist.
    It was not because nobody agreed with us on this thread that I said we would not respond.
    It was, that I was no longer receiving rational replies backed by evidence.

    I would prefer more information like that provided by Paul Murray

    I attended a meeting of a society that is one of our website clients. 80 members attended.
    One person suggested having a Facebook link on the site, the chairman asked if anyone had a Facebook account.
    Nobody raised their hand. I said that if someone was willing to open an FB account I would put the link in the website.
    One person said he would consider opening an FB account in the name of the society and report back.
    probably irrelevant but an interesting experience.

    Best wishes
  16. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    This is a problem I see a lot, people instantly ask for social media links to be added to sites, without really considered whether or not A) their target audience is using the platform, and B) they have someone who can dedicate time to updating and managing the profiles. They just see other sites and competitors with those links and profiles and think they should be doing the same. It all comes down to who you're targeting and what your content is. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

    Facebook's business model basically revolves around paying for views on your content. Without paying, only around 10–20% of your followers (on average) will ever see your content. If the intention of the social media accounts is to keep clients/customers updated, then a regular email marketing campaign is probably a much better option for penetration. Direct emails have a much better ROI then social media content too.
  17. Thanks Paul that was very constructive.
    Most of our clients don't want Facebook or Twitter links on their sites. Some do want them, but they are not sure why.
    We are wary of jumping on band wagons until we understand how they work and how to implement them properly.
    We provided a small number of clients with QR codes for their posters and flyers, it made no difference to the traffic on their sites because most folk with mobile phones don't have a QR code reader.
    Could you point me to a flow chart that describes the the way information flows between the website/Facebook/and feeds to people who access certain site regularly?
    As an IT teacher, web designer and author of web design books, I tend to think in pictures and flowcharts.
    Best wishes

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