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A stock photo of a game show host?

Long shot I know, but I need to design a poster for a quiz night, all the money is going to charity and I can really justify spending £££ on this:

Show Host Series | Royalty Free Stock Photo Image |

as the people organising it are doing it for free so more money goes to charity and I feel the same way. I don't mind spending time on it and not getting paid, but being out of pocket is a difficult decision to make.

So any chance anyone can help?


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Anagoge said:
If you (or the organisers) can't spend £20 to make something look good, things are really really dire.
Neil, the reason is simple, money on a photo is less money to the charity. I can make something look good without an image of a game show host, as I have had other ideas. I just thought that someone might have a random image on their hard drive somewhere that might fit the bill.

I have litterally thousands of stock images on my computer, some I've bought, some I've got for free from various sources (CD's on magazines, free sites, from photographer friends) and photos I've taken myself. If someone on here asked me for anything that I could help with, I would gladly give it too them.

Jim, I'm alright, but I would but I'm not the best illustrator, and I was just asking as I thought someone might have something handy.

Levi, thanks I will check that out, I didn't know know google had changed their image search.


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Tom Sound said:
Nice, a game show host dragging himself around the studio floor on bloodied stumps, you're a sick man Levi (nod)
simple put a border round him and then the blood only goes so far :D
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