Do you use contracts?


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I just started my business a year ago and I'm mostly outsourcing for an agency I'm well acquainted with, so I don't have a contract yet.

However, I did stumble upon a client outside the agency who of course used the situation to his advantage and now I'm chasing him for the remaining 50% with no legal argument.

For those of you who have contracts,...where do I start? Is this something I can draw myself or do I really need to hire legal help? I literally don't know where to start and what to include. Any advice is appreciated. (Yes I'm aware about Aiga's examples. I would still like to hear what you did.)



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Rule No. 1.... contracts. I'm sorry but why on earth did you not use a contract, it's kind of common sense.

I bet you signed something with the agency, that will be their 'contract' with you.

There are plenty of contract forms online which you can use as a basis for yours.