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Do you know this Paper type?

I'm looking for help in recognising a particular paper type.
I have seen it whilst on holiday in Italy - in the tourist shops it often had a Prayer or Popes image with a prayer or quote.
It is white and semi transparent / translucent.

I have tried looking at Parchment paper on google - but all I get is the usual fake printed A4 paper - Gold, gun metal grey etc.. And its not semi transparent.
I have looked up Vellum paper on Google as well - but again no luck.
Transpaprent Vellumn - comes up as more tracing paper than exactly what I'm looking for.

I'd really love if someone knew the Exact name / type of paper that I've seen in Italy.

Thanks in Advance.
This is a pretty impossible and open ended question without even a photograph of what it is that you've seen.

I would suggest visiting some paper/stationary/craft shops and looking at what they have available. Alternatively contact some local print places.

Did you touch this "paper" at all, can you describe it's thickness or texture, if it was rigid or flexible, was it coated, backed with anything, used as a book cover or in a frame?

Anything else you can tell us would be helpful, especially a photo.


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Based on the description from the OP it sounds very similar to the marker/layout paper I used to use for alcohol ink based marker renderings. It is white and it's transparent enough to see through to a sketch underneath it but it's not really something I've seen used outside of it's intended use.


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Zanders and Arjo Wiggins both used to do Translucent papers in a variety of weights. Or G F Smith might be worth trying. If you are in contact with a paper merchant they would be worth sounding out.