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DO you know of any reasonable SEO courses?

Hi There,

First of all I'm not lazy, I have googled SEO courses and had some call backs from providers with ridiculous prices for just a day (£750!) but I dont know which providers/courses are reputable and not just a rip off of an online tutorial.

Basically I can learn SEO by myself at home and I do know the basics, but what I really want is just a moderately recognised certificate/qualification on my CV, maybe an intensive day course, and It would also be nice to get some first hand knowledge on SEO strategies and techniqes.

So does anybody know of any trust worthy seo training providers that wont also take too much money off me?

Thank you kindly,
Hi Sukhy,

I attended a 10 day SEO course spread out over 10 weeks at Castle College, Beeston Nottingham which was very good and that was £299 here's the link. That was 2 years ago now so check the site for priceing.

Hi Sukhy,

The SEO course that Steve mentions is actually more of an eMarketing course that includes some SEO but focuses mostly on getting sites to convert. The AxisCentre at Castle College also do a course that is specifically aimed at SEO monitoring and tweaking which is a 3 day course run over 3 weeks. Just so that you know, I do train for the AxisCentre, so if you have any questions about the courses, drop me a message or call them for more info.

Thanks a lot for your replies people, Im a bit late in the game here but I think at the time I needed to jump on a course quickly and managed to find a day course in Solihul! Again thanks for your replies much appreciated, and if anyone else is interested in an seo course the one I attended was from "SEO Qualified" and I dont mind plugging it as the tutor, Chris, was really helpful and cool.