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DNS Flush?


Junior Member
Hi Design forum dwellers!

I have migrated three of my sites to a new server yesterday.

Two of them, when I enter their urls, take me correctly to the sites hosted on the new server.

One of them however, when I enter it's url, takes me to the version of it on the old server.

Now this is when it gets really weird! :
- When I looked at the site in question today in work, the URL resolved to the new host.
- At home tonight it resolves to the old host, in both FF and Safari ( and I have cleared all history, cookies, prefs and cache and active logins)
- Also when at home tonight, I entered the URL in question in a browser testing/preview site and it showed the copy on the new server! and this is at the same time in my Mac's browsers it resolves to the old host!

I have tried flushing the DNS on my (os X 10.4) Mac with the "lookupd -flushcache" command in terminal but even that doesn't change it!

Any takers?

Its a cracker I thinks!!!

- Shaun


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Got it!

All I needed to do was use alternative DNS, rather than my ISP's:

I changed my DNS to Open DNS - and in the Mac's network preferences.

Don't fully understand this one myself but I think Its because Im waiting on my ISP's DNS updating.
When you change name servers for a domain it takes a little while to propagate around the Internet. If it doesn't work in one browser at home, it ain't going to work in another because your ISP has not update their DNS info. If it worked at work, then your works ISP updated quicker! Browser testing sites are going to show something different too because they're accessing through their own ISP/DNS settings.

It normally takes between 24-48 hours for the domain info to update across the whole Internet. It's really just guess work to know whether your home ISP, work or Open DNS are going to show changes first.

Hope that explains it!


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I had a problem recently at work when a new website was set up on our windows server... our support kept assuring me it was done and working, yet on a PC at work, my dads/friends pc's not showing, I got home and it came up fine on my mac.

The problem was that with the default files the IIS was set to look for they had: index.php, index.htm, defualt,htm - but no index.html, which was the file name we'd uploaded.... it seems Mac's we're clever enough to work out the htm/html but not windows.

Also our 'support' company were too dumb to do it right in the first place and I had to work out the problem for them...