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DJ Twistatix


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Using the vector could work. I did a quick mock up with the 2 images and just set the vector onto multiply and fill at 50%. It came up with this and it works quite well in my opinion.



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Yes that's about what I had in mind. I was too lazy (check my avatar) to integrate it into the site yet so thank you for the quick mock-up Levi :D

I'm just wondering... I sort of made my navigation match up with the height of the "logo" so that I can always make the active tab flow either above or beneath it. Question is, would it be wise to make my navigation (or the logo, but that seems like a bad idea) jump 20-30 pixels in height?

Unless I pull up some neat transitions, I can see how it might be confusing.


Senior Member
I think the jump up and down could look pretty bad without neat transitions but understand what you are going for....

how about the title down the left instead (rotated)


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No sure about the font, I've seen that used far too much by metal bands, I would rather see it in say, DIN and then you grime it up.


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Okay thank you for the comments. Here is the slightly tweaked version. Still need to figure out something for the logo. The player only show up on hover of the left-most icon. And it looks a bit silly without a browser window around it :p



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Pretty big change... but I've run into a wall now :rolleyes:
Well actually I've run into a dozen walls during this project (like my hard drive crashing :<) *cough*
I prefer the second one.Not too keen on the font you've used for the 'Music' heading though. It needs a logo as well. Maybe you should get the logo in place before starting the web design? Personally I find it easier to design around a logo than vice versa. Just my 2 pennies..

Hope that helps in some way Kevin :)


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i like the new version. i think the twistatix bit could be brighter so it brings it out the page more. it looks better than the other version. nice