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Diverda Serif Font


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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for joining DesignForums :) must have missed this post somehow!
I haven't got Diverda Serif unfortunately, is it a font you're trying to track down, or just interested in opinions on?

Looks like it's quite widely available - Diverda Serif? font family : MyFonts

Possible applications for the Diverda Serif include magazine design, as well as advertising for fashion, design, or architectural products. Diverda Serif is also a good fit for Corporate Identity solutions.
I quite like it personally, think it would work well as an identity typeface as the quote above from MyFonts suggests, did you have an application in mind for it?

If it doesn't need to be that typeface specifically you may find something with a similar style to download and use for free at dafont.com - Basic > Serif fonts | dafont.com