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Dissertation help!


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Hi all, I am extremely stuck on my dissertation topic choice. The area ideally I'd like to do is typography, however what specifically is the issue I'm having. I'm running in circles stressing out about it as the deadline the tutor set for me (this coming Monday). I'd really, really appreciate some advice on what topic below has the most scope and such:

Translating typefaces into a digital environment: is it really the same typeface?

- Garamond could be a case study as it has been altered for screen use and is a typeface with a lot of literature discussing it.

- If a typeface is not made suitable for a digital environment then it runs the risk of becoming 'extinct', so perhaps the alterations made for screen should be considered an evolution and progression of a typeface where it is still the same typeface, but made more suitable for a digital environment

- If you change the counter size etc, than surely these are the differentiating factors between typefaces that make them a distinctive, individual typeface - in essence the fingerprint of a typeface

- The 'Garamond' that features on computers should perhaps be renamed to something that indicates it had its roots in the original Garamond but highlighting the adaptation for a digital environment - the original design of the typeface is now redundant for digital use (for legibility reasons)

The impact of digital technology on contemporary typeface design.

- Old typefaces have to be adapted for on screen use, raising the question of arguably is it therefore the same typeface?

- Typefaces such as Verdana and Georgia where constructed for the sole purpose of screen use, and many more typefaces are being designed with no longer having print as a priority consideration

- With the development of technology, the past problems of digital typography that emerged with the rise of the digital age are no longer an issue (lack of anti-aliasing in the past for instance). So will we see a resurgence of once redundant typefaces which can now be used on screen?

Typeface design: form v function

- Typefaces could be considered to be placed on a 'scale' - form at one end, function at the other, with typefaces sitting accordingly in-between depending on factors such as legibility and artistic input

- Legibility is important; there is science behind that some typefaces are better for body copy and so have less room for artistic influence. These could be considered more function based typefaces (function over form - OCR-B had a specific purpose for example) on screen?

Really appreciated, thank you!


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How about "The importance of Comic Sans in school newsletters" :icon_wink:

Picking a subject with a ? at the end of the title makes it very easy to finish the paper as you just need to answer the title question. BUT it can be a pain trying to make that answer (or your justification for it) fill 10,000 words and if the person marking the paper doesn't agree with your answer.. you got it wrong!

philosophical titles without questions such as the "impact of..." are great for pulling resources, highlighting examples and generally waffling on to fill the space but summaries can be harder to make as there's often no real closing yes/no statement to give.