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Discussion: Use Of Mockup Templates


Sean Lee-Amies

So recently I had a situation where, against my better judgement, I showed a client a business card design concept. They hated it, so I went off and did what I usually do from the start and found a branding mockup pack (e.g. http://www.pixeden.com/psd-mock-up-templates/stationery-branding-mock-up-vol-1-1 ) - and then all of a sudden they loved it!

Since switching to using mockup based presentation I more often than not have the design approved first time - you have to be careful some times though, if you're using a mockup pack that features 600gsm, edge painted or colourplan business cards and your client is only intending to get 400gsm matt lam then they could end up feeling a bit disappointed when the printed cards arrive!

How many of you use these to present work to clients; exclusively or just occasionally, and what sort of experiences have you had with both methods? Do you feel that mock ups detract from a presentation in any way, or are you sick of seeing the same ones used over and over again?



Staff member
Considering my main role in my work is the presentation side of things I'd say that more things are agreed on when they have a nice image than if they're just showed a 'layout'.

Think back to when we had that contest about the drunken goose (third party judge and a fair while back before I was mod), in my opinion the way I presented the business card and menu played as much of a role in me winning as the design itself. Other's in the contest were asking for a 'business card' mockup to use because they could see the benefit for presentations.

You can also see in our gallery that some new members (very few actual posts in some cases....at least join in :)) are posting a LOT of 'mockup' based designs to their gallery section.

Sean Lee-Amies

And what sort of mockups have you been using lately Levi? I found this one recently which looks pretty cool: http://graphicburger.com/branding-identity-mockup-vol-10/

I don't think I was actually around for that competition, although I did see the images of your wonderful goose branding! I can't see anyone being able to convince to not use mockups, personally, but they're welcome to try!

Is anyone not using mockups to present their work yet?


Senior Member
I think these smart object based templates are great for providing quick mockups. In my experience, clients often lack the imagination to envision a design in it's practical contexts. It's like when I make websites, I always opt to build the image into a website visual that they can access through their browser as it gives them a better idea of scale among other things.

Good link by the way


Staff member
Sean Lee-Amies said:
And what sort of mockups have you been using lately Levi?
I'd make mine, like I did with the drunken goose one :)

My comment was more in general with my 3D work etc being the primary focus but the same principles would apply for other areas.

Having said that your link might be useful for me... I might be able to use a mockup image for my cookie policy page :)
I came across this site the other day, it has a couple of good templates etc. that could be worth a wee visit.