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disappearing text

How can I stop text from disappearing when placed over a graphic for a magazine cover.
All I can get is a text outline box with the missing type symbol (the red + in a box)

Didnt have this problem in CS4, Now have latest CS
If you are in indesign it sounds like there is text wrap set on the image and the text box is no longer large enough to hold the text.

If it's a paragraph turn on hyphenation as if a word is too long for the box it will not allow the text to flow.
Checked all items for text wrap and non turned on. If I create a larger text box on the left hand side of workspace and try to move it onto the image the text jumps off the edge of the image. If I move text box to other right hand side of image the text then jumps to range right off the image.


Staff member
On your text box.

Go to Object>Text Frame Options and choose Ignore Text Wrap.

If it suddenly starts working again, then you definitely have text wrap turned on somewhere.
Exactly as your last text said. I had managed to bumble my way to this position about 30 mins before your reply
However I have a follow up question.

This problem was the cover of a church magazine of 48 pages and I used an earlier copy for the master layout. I know that the earlier copy had text wrap on ONE page (30 or there abouts) Would that setting carry on throughout the whole publication