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digital slr for freelance designer


Senior Member
Im pretty new to freelance graphic and web design and I want to get a pretty good digital slr camera to use for my freelance work.

does anyone know of a decent digital slr camera for around £200 with a lense. Im new to photography so i dont want anything too fancy but something I can start off with that is good enough for freelance work.



Senior Member
i'm new too and i have a Canon EOS 1000D. spent £512 with 3 year warranty, 18-55mm lense, 4GB SD card, a case, and the camera itself.

it's worth getting something that your confortable with though, but for entry level i think you'll be looking at more than £200.


Staff member
new, its going to be near the £400 mark. Have you considered a second hand one, should be able to pick up a year or two old dslr for a couple of hundred I would have thought.


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you can pick up some great refurbished pro-sumer stuff for under £200, look into fuji s6500 i think, or some of the lumix series.

Whilst you will loose out on the lense options, it is a good starting point, you can learn about aperture, iso... on them and not spend the earth.

Just a thought.
I picked up a 350D with kit lens (non-refurb), case and some other bits from Jessops outlet about 2.5 years ago, for around £300. So it's worth checking out reputable refurb/outlet sites
For that budget, you could get hold of a Nikon D70. Thats what I started out using about 5 years ago (cost me over £1200 brand new!!!!) Its a fantastic camera that pretty much set the standard for DSLRs. As you are an amature, it is not hard to use at all, very simple auto modes that are point and click-able and still produce good quality images. Finding one in decent nick could prove hard.